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Pre-Procedure Advice

Please note no treatments can be performed on pregnant or breastfeeding ladies.

Any medication or medical issues must be disclosed

If your date and time is booked and for some reason before the procedure I am unable to go ahead due to any condition not disclosed on the medical questionnaire the full price will apply.

If you already have any type of semi permanent makeup or tattoo I must see photos before your appointment.

This is just in case for some reason I may not be able to apply any further work with your existing makeup or tattoo and all deposits are non-refundable.

A patch test is required

A full aftercare sheet will be provided after your treatment

Post-Procedure Advice

You may see some residual swelling after the procedure which is very normal.

The area may be dry, itchy, tender, red, irritated and may seem to be uneven. This is normal.

Please do not pick any part of the microbladed or Sombre Browed area.

Your symptoms will change every day and every person will have different symptoms.

The colour will fade over time upto 50%.

For the top up / touch up appointment I will amend any areas that may have faded too much.

After your first top up / touch up any further procedures are chargeable.

Every person will have different healing outcomes.

Every client will also need a full top up / touch up every 12 months, this is to ensure you have that natural appearance.

You are able to pencil or powder your brows until your appointment is due.

Premature fading can occur if you are in the sun a lot, if you have oily skin, use anti-ageing products, chemical peels, acidic cleansers and also the natural elements can have an effect.

You must take care of the treated area and you must follow the aftercare process provided.

Definite no goes are - no sun for at least 30 days, no water, no exercise, no sweating.

This is Pre-Procedure and Post-Procedure. 

Do not have sunburn or any tan on and around your brow area before your procedure

A full pre-procedure advice sheet will be completed at the initial consultation.


A full aftercare sheet will be provided after your treatment

£50.00 deposit will be taken at the initial consultation to secure your date for the treatment.

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